Overwhelmed by stress and anxiety?

Feeling held back by negative self-talk and self-doubt?

Stuck in a cycle of procrastination and lack of motivation?

If you said 'yes' - you are in the right place!

Self-Talk Songs™ is an innovative program that combines positive messages, music, and movement to build strong self-confidence and self-esteem.

The program consists of engaging activities suitable for participants of all ages and abilities, designed to get everyone moving while reinforcing a positive mindset.

There is a wonderful saying, “Attitude is your paintbrush. It colors the way you see things.” Self-Talk Songs™ paints a beautiful picture using music and movements to help learn what’s really important in this life – to be happy.

~ Mary Morrissey, International Speaker, Best-Selling Author, CEO Consultant, Visionary, Empowerment Specialist

The beauty is that this technique is simple -- and simple really works!

~ Gerardo Velez, 7-time Grammy nominated and multi-platinum recording artist

There is significant research that demonstrates the neuroplasticity of the brain and our ability to rewire neuropathways. Combining music and movement can build positive emotion, resiliency, and confidence. Ruth's program fosters this combination, empowering individuals to develop positive internal self-talk to assist them in living happy, healthy lives.

~ Melissa Jean Paulson, MSW, CIMHP


  • Reinforces a positive mindset

  • Connects positive messages with music and movement

  • Encourages creative problem-solving in everyday situations

  • Focuses on strengths and successes

  • Assists in times of frustration or confusion


Creator of Self-Talk Songs

Ruth Wishengrad is on a mission to build a world of confident kids. Where every kid (and inner kid) feels worthy, valued, and loved! With over 30 years of experience teaching and mentoring and a Masters in Education, Ruth founded Self-Talk Songs™ to empower people of all ages to develop positive self-talk, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

As a guest speaker at professional conferences and workshops in the United States, Canada, and Asia, Ruth shared proven techniques to support social and emotional growth. Using her innovative programs that combine neuroscience, music, and movement, she empowers individuals to cultivate resilience and inner strength, enabling them to achieve their full potential.

In challenging times, our program acts as a powerful tool to relieve stress and tension. Join us to learn techniques to transform inner dialogue and positively impact lives and those around us.

Through our engaging and dynamic approach, students embody positive concepts, which become 'ingrained' in their body. Join us to create waves of joy and confidence worldwide!