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Transform Lives

Through the use of music and movement, Upbeats Media integrates coping and self-soothing strategies, to facilitate social and emotional learning while instilling self-confidence from the inside out in individuals of all ages.

The books, workshops and coaching programs are built on the belief that personal growth can be simple, easy and fun!

Come play and be amazed!

Self-Talk Songs™

A dynamic, interactive program designed to build self-confidence and self-esteem using fun, catchy melodies, rhythms and movements.

  • Reinforces a positive mindset

  • Teaches problem solving skills

  • Focuses on strengths

Coaching / Consulting

Using creative expression, UpBeats Media provides personal coaching and consulting services to help individuals and coaches achieve next-level success.

  • Facilitates "A-HA" moments

  • Achieves clarity and purpose

  • Organizes curriculum content

UpBeats Marketplace

Our marketplace focuses on empowering and boosting self-esteem. We have courses, workshops and books to encourage social and emotional growth.

  • Developing self-awareness

  • Supporting creative expression

  • Inspiring strategies for success